Bruno Steffen's


I’m 26 years old, Brazilian, strategist by passion and restless by nature.

So far I’ve lived in 5 different cities spread across 4 countries, and have travelled and backpacked across a bunch of others. This “nomadic” lifestyle is more then just a cool factor: is something that’s deeply related to how I approach my work as a Strategist. No matter where I am, I try to pay attention to whatever it is that makes people, places and cultures unique and interesting.

As a strategist, I have 3+ years of experience, and have worked on a variety of different companies – ranging from advertising agencies to radio stations. Now I’m striving to find new ways of mixing data, creativity and technology into innovative and compelling ideas and experiences.

A bit more than 2 years ago I packed my things and crossed the ocean from Brazil to Europe. I’ve lived in Sweden, studied Digital Data Strategy and kept developing my skills in data analysis, growth hacking, business innovation, and many other areas intersecting strategy and creativity. This path eventually led me to Amsterdam, where I currently live, work and maintain my love for photography, games and cooking.

I strive to be an interesting person – with awesome source material to tell great stories – and I’m doing my best to stick to this goal.